Snail Mail

Snail Mail is something people don’t send or receive much anymore. Everything that they have is online weather it’s paying bills or chatting with friends or looking up recipes, you can mostly do that online. Now don’t get me wrong I love that we can have the convenience of looking things up in seconds online but I LOVE MAIL. I am like a kid in a candy store I always go to the mail box probably 5 out of 7 days most weeks and that’s if I didn’t see our mail lady drive by. Yes, I know the time that our mail lady normally hits our mail box. It has become a thing in our house that we watch for her and in good weather with my help because we live on a busy street, I even let my kids get the mail.


When my Mom was still around, she would send mail (mostly Cards) for EVERYTHING!!  New Year’s, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Easter, Fourth of July, Christmas Halloween or just because she missed our kids etc… She always addressed it to them and covered them in stickers and wrote messages on the back for us to read even before the cards were opened. She would send cards to everyone if she had your address most likely you have received a card or twelve in your life from my mom. Some were simple and to the point, some were belated because she ran on Ronda time and or lost it in her ten bags that were always with her, some were filled with glitter or confetti of some sort that you end up finding months after said card was opened. She just wanted to make you feel special when you got it and opened it up. So that is where my love of cards came from, I got it from my MAMA I got it from my MAMA. Now go listen to that song because it’s stuck in my head.

Just a few of the cards we’ve received from my mom.


I have a whole assortment of cards in my house that are ready for me to give away at any time. I have Thank you cards, Birthday cards for all ages, Miss your face cards, Just thinking of you, Blank cards and I need extra postage cards you name it. The variety is thick among the colors, fonts and pictures that are included in all the cards. I have also been the person to make a card or two for a special occasion like a birthday specifically if I can’t find one that I like or goes with the theme. Yes, in that way I am normally a little “extra” I can admit to that.

This is only a portion of my cards.

Now it’s not just the cards that are special to me when I was younger and we would travel I use to collect stamps from different places. I always loved the stamps from other countries and it was best if you collected them without using them so you can see all the detail without covering up the beautiful stamp. (p.s. please tell me you sent yourself postcards from vacations) I currently have a variety of stamps in our house 5 different sets to be specific, I had more last week but I used the last of the Scooby-Doo and multi colored hearts. My current favorites are O Beautiful which is landscape pictures, Love Stamps that I still have a set from when I sent out my wedding invites because they are special to me. Birds in Winter which include a Chickadee, Cardinal, Blue Jay and woodpeckers that’s because we often get cardinals that visit us. Frogs just basic green frogs that Maverick picked out last week. The Last one is Tyrannosaurus Rex, now these one’s are super cool some can change shape if you bend them in the right direction. Those were also another pick from Maverick. Stamps make the outside of the envelope have a little extra sense of fun. Depending on who I’m sending the snail mail to I normally send each person different stamps as well that fits their own personality or one they would appreciate.

Current stamps


Now let’s talk about pen pals, have you had a pen pal, do your kids have pen pals? Now when we were younger, we went on a cruise and both my sister and I met some really cool kids and we decided to be pen pals at the end of our trip. My sister and her pen pail had written a lot more than mine since we were 5 yrs. younger than them. But it was something that we looked forward to after our trip and let’s be honest sometimes we would go awhile before we would write and then we would find our letters from each other and write again. Slowly the communication stopped and everyone moved on and kind of forgot about each other. I still think of the cool bunch of kids that we made friends with on our cruise many years ago. So, this whole year of 2020 our girls both McKinley and Rylee are becoming pen pals. Each month we are rotating by sending letters or cards to each other we have worked it out so that both girls will receive a card/letter for their birthdays. Is it a sad thing that I’m almost more excited for this than they probably are??   With everything being online I want them to work on something other than thumb control with texting, don’t worry our kids don’t have phones. I want to have each girl’s imagination shown in the cards that they pick or the picture they draw each other. They already have a friendship that is different than others since most of it has grown through online video chatting during the numerous amounts that Meg and I chat.

My current favorite card.

This year for Christmas McKinley also got a mail subscription from my parents. It’s a kid friendly magazine that’s called Highlights High Five and they send you one monthly. They have activities for you to do and this month they had a scratch off on the back and she won a book and a tote. In the magazine they have the hidden pictures where you have to find the objects in said pictures. They have word games and crafts some have stickers included that go with certain pages. It’s a nice alternative for new monthly creativity and using a little extra brain power than watching an extra episode of their favorite T.V. show.

February edition


So, my idea for this new year for all of you is send out your own Snail Mail! I challenge ALL of you that read this to send a card/letter to someone you love, to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. I want you to share the experience with your family and ask them if they would want to send out something to someone that they miss or love or just because you saw them and you want to thank them for being who they are. It truly doesn’t matter what you send it could be a homemade card, a card from the dollar store, a post card, a singing card or a handwritten letter.  Just knowing that you took the time out of your busy day to sit down and think of someone else may mean the world to someone else. So, Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope you take the time to make someone else smile by sending them some old school snail mail instead of that random text.

Love & Light