Open House, Open Heart

Our door is always open. Always. If its locked we have a pass-code to get you in. We want our friends and family to feel at home in our home. Of course we have privacy and there are times that we prefer to be on our own and we’re good at telling you when those times are. But we are raising our kids with an open door policy and an open heart and they love it.

Our kids have manners and of course wont walk into your home without knocking but they know the people closest to us are welcome to walk in our home. We know you’re coming and we’re always ready for company…… even if our house is a mess. It’s never dirty.

I want to be that house. The house where my kids friends come to play. They come to get snacks. They sing at the top of their lungs and have dance parties. They seek refuge when they’ve had a bad day. They know where to get board games and video games and don’t hesitate to start a good game. I want to be that for my people and I hope my kids find the same in someone trustworthy too.

I love being the house that you know will always be ready with coffee, tea or hot coco. Even if my table is covered in kids things and often surrounded by kids, us moms can sit and chat. We’ve shared secrets, worries, truths, joy’s, successes, crafts and found ourselves in the moment at that table.

My couch will always be open. I’m going to ask the little ones not to eat on it because I don’t want to clean it but….¬† we all know I’m kind of a sucker and if its dry food I’m the first one to pull those little ones up with us. I hope to never teach your kids anything not in line with your values but, I’m only human. I curse sometimes without even realizing it. Then I say crap knowingly and apologize.

Our families become family even if not by blood. Games will last as late into the night as any of us can stay awake. Sometimes we even just sit and chat with our husbands until early in the morning. Plan nights to watch football and fights. This table, these couches, these moments are for us moms…. for our husbands…. for our kids…. for our sanity and most of all for the enjoyment of going through this life with people by our side.

The kids will run wild and make memories…. and messes but that’s OK¬†because they all help pick up too. All your kids know the routine and they feel comfortable to be themselves which is exactly what I hope to give them. Confidence. They are amazing. They are unique and none of them are the same.

Conversations on Facetime will always be a thing and with my long distance friends it should be. Our kids are raised together. We know each others homes and so do our kids even if its through a screen most days. You are an important part of our world and our friends that live here feel like you’re part of their lives too. Because you are! Let’s put effort into that and each other.

The memories we’ve made in my home that I wont live in forever are memories that are teaching my kids to be open to relationships. That all relationships look a little different but they are worth pouring into. We’re teaching them. You, my friends and family are helping shape that relationships are important. That boundaries are important. That differences are important and that being our unique selves is most important. That we are important and that we never have to feel alone.

Come as you are….. Also one of my favorite songs by Nirvana. Take a seat outside, grab some chalk, get on a bike when it’s nice, come in and be ready to be loved for you.



Picture of my loving husband just as he is!