Mom Groupie

I feel like I’m a mom groupie in the since that I can move from one mom group to the next. Mom groups, Mom tribes, whatever you call them are a group of women that may or may not know each other before having children while joining forces to navigate motherhood. We all know that Motherhood is the hardest hood around! So, How do you feel about mom groups? Are you the person that just sticks to yourself and stays home? Are you the person that has multiple groups you go to? Are you the one that still has all her friends from high school with kids or no kids? Are you the one that just hangs with family? Are you the one that Loves your mom group? Are you the one that has suffered a loss and found your group to help you heal?  Whatever group you’re in just  know you’re Amazing at being  a Mom.

Now I have been in a couple of these “groups”  it was just in different seasons of my life. Currently I’m in the “I Love my Mom’s Group”! The Mom’s Group I go to is called MOTTTS which stands for Mothers of Tots to Teens. At first when I would talk about MOTTTS everyone thought I was talking about apple sauce (Motts) and why was I bringing lemon poppy seed bread to MOTTTS. They didn’t ask  questions about it and I just kept talking about it until I had to clarify it because they all had confused looks across the board.  Anyways I heard of this group of ladies from a friend that lives by me. She had asked me to check it out with her for about a year and I was the one that always said “ No, I’m good I’m not that type of person plus it’s a drive for me.” Don’t get me wrong I love to meet people but I just felt it wasn’t for me.

Well I had a change of heart, our daughter started going to school half days last fall and I wanted to do something with our son. So, one week I asked my friend what time does that Mom group start?  She told me the time and date and that week I started going. At first, I told them I would only go once a month since it’s almost an hour drive. But then I started every other week and then it changed to every week! Just let me tell you I have a very busy morning come Thursday’s but all the fast-moving parts means that I’m going to see a whole group of ladies that have open hearts and are welcoming to this hot mess mama. Our son gets to play with new friends and Mama Mal gets to have breakfast and chat with numerous women while learning to support each other and cheer for them when they need it most.  Also, I occasionally cry from time to time in front of all these women I didn’t really know when I started. I’m way more emotional after having kids and I’m somewhat okay with that most days. Please tell me I’m not alone in the I cry more often after having kids?!?

Every Mom has a Story with different triumphs and trails that they go through. This group is one where you can feel accepted for being you through those events in your life. In this group someone is there to hold your head up, to help you see the light during the dark time, to pray for you in the good times and bad,to give you that extra embrace you needed, to hand you the box of tissues because you were talking and just started crying…. I just want to say Thank you, Ladies you know, who you are. I’ve met some awesome ladies in this group that I can call my friend(s) they ask me about life and my family and truly mean it. They make my soul feel a different kind of happy!

One week we had MOTTTS in the morning and then that night they had a Mom’s night and I told my husband I was hoping to go to both if he could be home from work in time. His reply was “why do you have to go twice in one day?” at first I was confused why he would ask and I said “because I feel like a better version of me after I leave MOTTTS “and he replied “I’ll be home in time for you to go!’.  It’s true I feel like I do a great job at being a mom but for almost five years that’s what I’ve been. I’ve been Mama Mal and Mitchael’s Old lady and those are both great things, but in this group I’m Mallory with no added titles till that clock tells me it’s time to go.

So, if you’re like me and you think you don’t need to go be around a group of moms don’t! But maybe one day you’ll have a change of heart and you will find a group that fits you. A group that makes you feel like a great mom, wife, sister, friend but most importantly makes you feel like a better version of yourself when you leave. To the Mom that is new to the game we have all been in your shoes at one point being a first-time mom that struggles. To the mom who is new to town and doesn’t know a soul it’s okay give it a little time and you’ll found your group. To the mom’s that have been in the game a lot longer than me thanks for the helping hand and the knowledge that this can get easier over time.  To the ones that aren’t moms’ yet or your babies can’t be with you here on earth know that you have people that can and will help support you now and, in the future, just maybe we were in your shoes at one point in our life. Just know we (other moms) want the best for you and your family no matter what that looks like.

I hope that I didn’t scare you away from being in a mom group I just want you to know that you have other support. Most of us have support from our family and friends but if you welcome new people into your life they can support you too. Know that we all have doubted the support of others because that one time you got burned. Know that you don’t have to feel alone in life and that maybe that hour drive and breakfast that you don’t normally enjoy is something that is worth a little extra effort to make you feel whole again. To any mom’s that are local to me please feel free to reach out if you’re need a helping hand or just someone to listen to you.

Love and Light,