Memory Jar



Happy New Year,

Today I’m going to let you in on one of my family favorite things to do together through out the year. Let’s just talk about memories, Can you remember your favorite memory as a child? What about your life after school? Favorite memory with your spouse or loved one? Are you the person in your family that remembers everyone else’s memories?  A memory can be defined as: the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms.  The one that most people feel is correctly defined as: the time within which past events can be or are remembered. I LOVE to think back on all the memories that have shaped me into the person that I am today. The joy from a random spot or item that triggers a memory from my past is probably one of my favorite feelings. Do you feel the same way as I do?

I’m going to fill you in on how we collect most of our memories as a family or our individual memories. For the past couple of years, we have done a memory jar, now we haven’t always been good at filling it but have gotten better over the years. Now I know your going to ask what the memory jar is and looks like etc. So, I’m going to give you the details! Take any jar that you like the look of because you want this in an open spot in your home that you see often. We normally keep ours in the kitchen sometimes on our table even. Now we have a little cork lid that fits the jar that we have currently been using and its nice because the memories/ pieces of paper won’t fall out when it gets tipped over. Trust me it happens and I’m not always blaming the kids I promise. Then what we do is take whatever paper is around like that back of the grocery list that you had a plan to use but didn’t, or sometimes if the kids help, we use the pages they have colored on or just some post it notes. It all really depends on the memory and how detailed you want to be, normally we put the date *Month/Date/Year*, then we put the memory and list whoever was involved if it was more than one person.  It’s just that simple really, we start ours at the beginning of the year and then on New Year’s Eve we read the whole jar of memories and laugh, sometimes cry but it’s like reliving the past year in one night.


How cool is that for you and your family? So, how about I tell you some of my favorite memories from last year. We included all the concert tickets we went to last year including McKinley’s first ever concert * JoJo Siwa*  and the movie tickets to Mavericks first movie in theaters* The Lion King*.  We also had ones like waking up to a BIG puddle on the bathroom floor …… Thank you potty training from our boy Maverick! We also had game nights with friends and family to Mitch and Mal fight over stupid Sh*t because we are both stubborn. We also had starting our family business and having a successful first year and all the things leading up to that season in our life. We went on our first family road trip from Michigan to Wyoming (Yellowstone) for our family vacation and my best friend’s wedding* hey Meg that’s you*. Now you can do this however you want it really doesn’t matter you are NOT going to mess it up because it’s YOUR memories!!! You make the list, You read them and You reflect on the past with all the good and sometimes the sad memories.


This past year for Christmas we decided to do something a little different for our sisters and their families. I said we but basically, I made the decision and Mitchael said yeah that sounds good, isn’t that how most things work out in your household? Anyways back to the “gift” that I put together, each month the families will open up the bag or envelope for said month January through December.   Each month it’s a Different Family Activity, it could be something at home like finding a new favorite cupcake or muffin recipe so I included Cute muffin liners*that’s January’s activity. One month we are going camping and that’s already booked for the year, they may be things that you already do but this year we are doing them together. Somethings we are doing as one big family and some are just our individual families. All of our family members got a little something gift wise but we really wanted to focus on family this year since last year was a rough one with the loss of many family members.

Now along with memory that we defined earlier it goes hand in hand with remembrance. Remembrance can be defined asthe state of bearing in mind, or also defined as the ability to remember i.e. a memory. It’s the simple things that you do more often in life than you think about. For me if I see a watermelon shaped anything it reminds me of my mom. An example is the time where I surprised her with this watermelon slice that came from our neighbor’s wood pile, he helped me paint it and we even painted pumpkin seeds and glued them on and I gave it to her for Mother’s Day one year. P.S. we still have it and it just makes me happy and triggers that memory. Ford Rangers remind me of my now husband and his sister Michelle because at one time they both had one but different colors and we rolled around town like the cool kids we were and had our own finger sign *Ranger Love*! Red Wing Boots that is all my dad, my whole life besides weddings, funerals basically anything important I would and still do see my dad in Shorts with the tip of his white socks sticking out of his red wing boots no matter what season we are in. Not too many people can pull of this look but my dad is one of them.


So, memory and remembrance are the goodies that I thrive on. The idea in life is to create memories, for you and your families to remember years after those memories were made. To Cherish the moments that may feel mundane to others but everything to you. With all the online fame and pressure to have a “perfect life” so that your family may have the status of #familygoals  or #keepingupwithjoneses  is truly not for everybody. We all will have different struggles and goals in life and in that since will create different memories. People work hard to live with society norms that may bring to much pressure and standards to our lives. If that’s what is happening then with you change your perspective because your family is what matters most not the opinion of people you don’t know. Change the perspective and create the memories that mean the most to YOU!  So, we want to know what is your favorite memory whether it’s from your childhood, maybe last year or last night please let us know.

Until next time my friends

Love and Light,