Hello 30!

Hello Y’all

So, It’s my Birthday Week…. Yes, I’m one of those people that try to celebrate birthday’s more than one day! Birthday’s should be a celebration at any and every stage. You should feel the joy for the day you were born in my opinion. Some years I slack more than the next but some years I go all out. My birthday is a December birthday which can make it tricky because of the holidays, along with my mom’s, mother in laws, step dads, brother in law, uncle, god daughter, a few cousins and friends as well. Let’s just say that December has a lot of special days in our family besides Christmas of course!

This year I’m going to be 30…. Yes, the vintage version from 1989! I don’t feel old until I hear my nieces talk about things from or about school and conflicts with their friends then I feel my age.

So, basically my checklist for my twenties has been filled. I have a home of my own that I get to share with my Husband (even if it took him longer than I thought to ask me to be his wife). I have two crazies that are also loving, wild and kind that we can call ours. We have created memories with our family in places we live and also traveled to. We have lived hours and states away from our families. We have created a business that has supported us and our family of four. We continue to do the traditions that fill my heart with joy every year. So, what I’m trying to say is I’m “Simple” give me the ones I love, let me continue traditions and travel from time to time and I’ll be happy! My checklist for my thirties I haven’t made up yet, but I think I truly don’t need much more in my life because I have what I love.

My 29th year has been a roller coaster from hell with visits to heaven. I started my year off by traveling back from Wisconsin because my mom had just had 8 plus stints put in her heart. My only wish last year was for her to not have said surgery on my birthday and to be home for Christmas. Well she had surgery on the 7th and they said she was doing well so on the 8th in the early afternoon my sister, husband and I drove back home to Michigan. Where we had a couple of our friends & family over for food, drinks and games of course. We all wore ugly sweaters* the one’s that could find them* and had a last-minute birthday party for me, it was pretty special and I felt the love. My birthday wish was to laugh instead of cry and I accomplished that.  *P.S. my mom made it home for her birthday and Christmas. *


Group Birthday Picture 2018

We celebrated the New Year and decided our word for the year would be ACTION! So, we created a plan to do more things together as a family and couple. We got to enjoy a handful of concerts from Garth Brooks to Aaron Lewis, Justin Moore and McKinley’s first concert JoJo Siwa and attend all family functions or events we wanted. We Traveled to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone plus all the states in between on our family’s first big road trip. Mind you this is just days after my mom passed away. You know why because we took action and decided this was the year, we invested in ourselves and started our family business. I’m so PROUD of my husband and the work he has done over the last year, plus working with him isn’t bad all the time (wink wink).



Family Road Trip 2019
JoJo Siwa Here We Come!
Family Selfie with Mount Rushmore.










This year has been a rough go around like stated before, I lost my grandpa in January, I lost a great aunt in April, my mom in May, Mitchael’s grandma in September and my grandma Payne in November. Not including the others that we lost that were family friends or friends. These were the hellish moments that tested the strength of our family. But we had great moments to celebrate as well, we got the chance to be included at a handful of weddings from my best friends * Megan’s* to Mitchael’s coworker to friends and neighbors growing up. To remember that we have to celebrate life as much as it may be filled with grief.   We had a trend this year of happy sad happy sad happy sad moments to say the least

Standing by my BFF’S side before she ties the knot.


This year I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for my birthday, plus my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to “help” plan anything … So, I tried not to think about my birthday because of that aspect, I really just like to help with things okay…. Well, anyways my birthdays on a Sunday and I probably will stay in my pajamas as long as I can besides the fact that I have to go get groceries maybe even solo because that’s a present in itself…. I will probably fill my cart with the normal goodies plus a bunch of junk, wine and flowers because that’s what I like.

So, I’m going to celebrate my birthday in the moment this year. I’m going to embrace the difference between my twenties and thirty’s! This year I’m going to continue to invest in myself and my family. I’m going to celebrate the everyday moments a little more and hold on to my seat because my last year was a roller-coaster, I want this year to be a “vacation” full of laughter and love and a little less tear’s. May you Find the Joy and Celebrate your own Birthday. Create the Tradition, Make it an Meaningful day, week, month whatever you want. Just celebrate life with every twist and turn because this may be your last birthday wish.

May your wishes come true

With all my LOVE,