Hello from Quarantine


I know that this has been a crazy couple of weeks and we haven’t been writing any blogs and I am sorry about that but we are just trying to live our life. We have both had some things happen that basically made us not in the mood to share during those moments in our life. #truthbomb We are human and can only do the best for us and if that means we take some time off for writing our blog than so be it. We appreciate the ones that have stuck around and supported us. We do all this weekly we don’t write in advance because we want to do this together, growing a community and telling you how crazy life can get in every family.

Anyways, let’s get into it This last week our Son turned 3! We have all been in our house and had to cancel his birthday party because of this crazy sickness ( Covid 19/Corona). We had planned to have Mavericks Birthday at My Parent’s house in the morning on Saturday, with the ease of our families all living closer to each other than us. We would’ve had lunch with cake and ice cream & the company of friends and family more than the recommended ten people.  After we were going to head to Allegan Events to do a little ropes course, rock climbing basically a bunch of indoor fun for everyone.  Once we got home, we would do the Birthday traditions we do with both kids (Paint a birthday canvas, growth charts and take their Birthday picture).

What really happened was simple and fun for our boy. He slept in thankfully for me so that I could decorate the house with balloons and streamers. I am lucky in this department since I have extra party supplies in our birthday bins. He woke up to homemade blueberry mini muffins for breakfast which included sparkler candles. We then let him open his first present out of five, I wanted him to be able to enjoy his day and each present because it was just going to be the four of us! So, every two hours from 10 to 6 we opened presents and played with each one. It brought me so much joy to be able to see him enjoy something so simple as a party home addition.  I can’t leave out the friend that joined me to deliver his birthday cake, luckily for us he is sticking around and will make appearances from time to time!

It had saddened me that our families couldn’t come to visit him for his birthday but we received some phone calls, text messages, video chats from all of the people that love him. Thank you to all the people that reached out online as well. He just would light up every time we would tell him someone said “Happy Birthday” His day was made; He had a smile from ear to ear all day long!  We got to do all the fun stuff at home You know the activities that he wanted to do that were messy…. He got the chance to help make his cake and frosting (orange and green cake & cream cheese frosting).  He got the chance to clutter our table with 80+ pieces of his new Play-Doh chef set which truly does bring out the inner child in everyone, I think.

So, my advice to the family that has to celebrate a Birthday during this crazy time where we have to stay home and have no interaction with others is as follows. Make it FUN, spread out all the activities throughout the day if you can & let them help if they are big enough. It wasn’t anything crazy, wild or over the top for us this year but he thought it was the best! He even told us that it was his best birthday ever which I know he has only had three but that can make my mommy heart So Happy!! So, Enjoy the Change as much as you can, Celebrate the Birthday Boy/Girl and Hopefully by next year things will be different.

Love and Light,

Mallory & Maverick